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5 Essential Traits In Good PR Professionals

A woman smiles as she types on her laptop from the Heed PR post "5 Essential Traits In Good PR Professionals"

The best practitioners of every trade typically share certain characteristics. Here are 5 essential traits possessed by good PR professionals. Not too long ago I was asked to guest lecture a group of undergraduates on the 101s of public relations. It was a fun exercise, but also daunting — how to distill a profession into…

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If You’re Leading With Your Press Release, You’re Losing

A man looks frustratingly at his laptop screen from the Heed PR post "If You’re Leading With Your Press Release, You’re Losing"

Yes, the press release is still an essential part of the public relations profession. But if your earned media strategy is over-reliant on them, you’re going to be mired in frustration. It comes as no surprise to me when non-PR folks think of public relation pros as little more than press release generators. After all,…

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Why I Started Heed Public Relations

Heed Public Relations horizontal logo from the Heed PR post "Why I Started Heed Public Relations"

Heed Public Relations exists because there are no two identical businesses, and you don’t deserve a cookie-cutter public relations strategy. “Man, that’s an eclectic résumé.” No. No one has ever actually said that to me, but I’m pretty sure if I showed you my work history you’d think something along those lines. Among other items…

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