Why I Started Heed Public Relations

Heed Public Relations exists because there are no two identical businesses, and you don’t deserve a cookie-cutter public relations strategy.

“Man, that’s an eclectic résumé.”

No. No one has ever actually said that to me, but I’m pretty sure if I showed you my work history you’d think something along those lines.

Among other items there’s a little teaching here, some copywriting there, and (of course) a heaping helping of public relations. Yet no matter the titles I’ve held over the years, one variable has remained a constant: storytelling.

Heed Public Relations shares your story

For me, one of the greatest sources of professional inspiration has always been the legions of women and men who have risked their livelihoods to start a business or gambled their careers to steer an existing company in a bold new direction.

To do either is an all-consuming endeavor marked by anxiety and risks, as well as breakthroughs and celebrations. But, more often than not, those leaders who dedicate an oversized chunk of their lives to chase those successes rarely have the time or resources to share their compelling stories with the masses.

That’s where Heed Public Relations steps in.

With the right audience

Heed Public Relations works to ensure your business, and its story, gets the attention it needs and deserves. For some partners this might mean securing an informative series of news articles, while for others it could mean constructing a strong custom content strategy. Or both. Or more. No two clients are the same, and none are treated as such.

Over on the Heed Public Relations “About” page I wrote this: “You are one of a kind, and so is your business. And neither deserves a one-size-fits-all public relations treatment.”

That wasn’t penned to be some kind of feel-good filler. You don’t need fluff. You also don’t need to have your work and your unique value proposition treated like every other entity on a PR partner roster.

We work with you to craft your most compelling narrative with your ideal audience in mind, and then we tell that story to them…

Through the most effective mediums

One good way to waste a well-tailored narrative is to throw it around indiscriminately. That’s not the Heed Public Relations way. Not even close.

As we craft your story together, we also identify the best people to share it with, how to get it in front of them, and then we track your successes.

You’ve dedicated your life (or at least a major part of it) to your business, and you need a PR partner dedicated to telling your story as smartly as possible.

That’s why I started Heed Public Relations.

David Martin is the founder of Heed Public Relations. You can reach him at david@heedpr.com.