Celebrate! Heed PR’s Co-Founder, Natalie Roy Martin, Is On Board Full-Time

To Meet Demand Heed PR Adds Full-Time Co-Founder, Natalie Roy Martin.

As co-founder, Natalie Roy Martin will direct operations for the fast-growing agency

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Chattanooga, Tennessee (September 21, 2018) — Heed PR, a Chattanooga-based public relations agency launched in Spring 2018, has welcomed Natalie Roy Martin onboard as a full-time co-founder to oversee daily operations and project management. While she’s been with Heed PR since its launch, Natalie’s move into a daily role has been expedited by the agency’s rapid first-year growth.

“Our original goal was to be able to start talking about what it would look like for Natalie to jump in full time at the end of our first year,” said David Martin, co-founder at Heed PR. “But in the middle of our second month, it became clear that her move was going to have to happen much sooner.”

Natalie has more than a decade of experience as a marketing and communications professional, including stints as PR and Marketing Director at Collier Construction and Production Team Lead at Crash Creative.

“When we launched Heed PR earlier this year, we did so with the belief that there was a hunger in the area for a new public relations option,” said Natalie Roy Martin. “The growth of the agency has exceeded even our wildest expectations, to the point that one of my most immediate goals is to build out our contracted creative team so we can meet the needs of our ever-expanding roster of clients.”

Heed PR works with clients in a multitude of industries, including information technology, software-as-a-service, commodities, logistics, unmanned aerial systems, consumer products, and more.

Creative professionals — independents and agencies — interested in working with Heed PR and their clients should email Natalie Roy Martin at natalie@heedpr.com or visit the Heed PR contact page. Desired creative fields include design, videography, photography, and editorial.