Heed PR Turns 3!


Did we just time-travel? I swear we were just celebrating Heed PR turning 2 years old. 

Well, anyway, here we are with another year under our belts. And what a year it’s been. 365 of the weirdest days we can remember. But as odd as they’ve been, the past year was a blessing. 

One big ol’ weird blessing.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve completed some of the most meaningful work we’ve ever done with our clients. They had to step up their game, and we in turn had to do the same. We, along with our partners, were forced over and over to dig deep, challenge ourselves, and deliver truly impactful results. 

So much came into focus last year. Mainly, an appreciation for what really matters. Fluff got tossed out the window as society’s patience for the unnecessary waned. Everyone, it seemed, just wanted to get to the meat of the matter — regardless of the topic, the industry, the day of the week. “Where’s the beef?” so to speak. 

If I were asked what values shined brightly — and were in high demand — the most during the last 12 months, I’d say they have been to…

Be nimble: Changes happen all the time. Emergencies lurk around the corner. And as Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the face.” The PR world is not one for folks with low-change personalities, and over the past year, we’ve had to chart new courses and amend strategies, often on a weekly basis. We’ve enjoyed being the shoulder our clients have leaned on, and the partner that has routinely helped them reach their objectives. 

Be authentic: In times of crisis, which was the hallmark of 2020 and early 2021, people need to be able to trust whomever they’re relying on, and authenticity is at an all-time premium in those moments. I’ve typed and talked about shining a spotlight on your organization’s “why.” Public relations helps audiences better understand “why” they should do business with your organization, instead of what you’re selling. Over the past 365 days, groups that have authentically demonstrated their “why” have likely fared better than others, as the human need for trust (crystallized by our worldwide crisis) was on full display.

Be clear: I’ve never experienced such a groundswell in demand for organizations to simply get to the point. Cut the clutter, and swipe away the filler messaging. When a person’s existence gets turned upside down and they’re having to recalibrate the world around them, they simply want to know what matters and their appetite for anything else is diminished to nothing. I don’t see this changing anytime soon and I’m glad for it. 

I’m sure the next year will have its own unique hallmarks, but I don’t see the above traits losing their value. Not one bit.

No matter what lies ahead, we’re incredibly grateful for our clients and our own team for putting their faith in us. We launched our agency three years ago with our fingers tightly crossed that it would be successful. So far, so good. We love our work. We love the people around us. And we’re excited to keep moving ahead on this journey. 

Thanks for being with us.