When You Win, We Win

Earlier today, Natalie and I had a wonderfully surreal experience at the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual awards ceremony. We had FIVE clients named as finalists for Small Business of the Year in various categories, including the non-profit space. Since some of them competed against each other for the hardware, we elected to do our best Switzerland impression, staying neutral, sitting off to the side, and cheering for everyone. 

Three (!) of our clients won in their respective categories, but it was a blessing to see all five being celebrated by the business community in our area. We were beaming with pride the whole time, and I mean the WHOLE time. 

When we founded Heed PR four years ago, Natalie and I agreed that we wanted to do work that we enjoyed with clients who valued mutually beneficial relationships based on a true partnership ethos. It has been the honor of a lifetime to be entrusted with so much from our clients, and in moments like the one we had today, it was hard not to be a bit emotional thinking about what we’ve been able to achieve alongside our clients. To be tethered to such impactful and successful people is mind-blowing at times. 

Congratulations to Market Street Partners (our very first client), The Double Cola Company, and Cempa Community Care on your big wins today. And, of course, congratulations to Text Request and Chattanooga Floor Care for earning spots as finalists. We win when our clients win, and today I’m about as proud as I’ve ever been in my career.

Let’s keep lifting this city up.